Cara Mengatasi Aplikasi Dana Error Berikut Penjelasnnya– Berikut adalah Cara Mengatasi Aplikasi Dana Error yuk, mari kita simak Penjelasnnya berikut ini.

There are now quite a number of applications for making digital payments, so you don’t need to provide cash to make purchases. Among several existing applications, DANA is probably one of the most used today.

You can use the DANA application for various purposes, such as for those who want to top up diamond games for Free Fire and Mobile Legends, you can use this application.

That way you don’t need to transfer via bank, so it can be said that this application is very suitable for those who do not have an account.

DANA can also be used for transfers to several conventional banks, but for transfers above 200 thousand, an administration fee will be charged.

To make more people know and use this application, DANA has formed a partnership with TikTok Lite in the THR sharing event.

Cara Mengatasi Aplikasi Dana Error Berikut Penjelasnnya

However, the problem is that the DANA application has recently been unable to make transactions, causing users to feel a little disappointed.

However, it should also be noted that the DANA application error is not only caused by external factors, but can also be caused by internal factors, where this occurs due to an error on the device you are using.

Why the DANA Application Error

For those of you who are looking for how to solve this error DANA application, then you can listen to several ways as follows. But before that you can check some of the causes that cause this problem to occur.

Causes of Error DANA application:

Unstable connection
Since this application runs using the internet network, it will definitely depend on the strength of the connection or signal. You can make sure that the internet network you are using is stable, in the sense that it is not weak or even empty.


For those who have smartphones with relatively low specs, this could be the cause of your DANA application error.

Those are the two causes of application errors that are often experienced by users today, for how to overcome them you can do with the steps as below.

How to Overcome DANA Error on Android

Maybe those of you who have a large balance in this application are worried because your money cannot be used. However, you don’t need to worry, because even if this application can’t be used, it’s usually only temporary. So you need to try again a little later.

For those of you who experience a weak network connection, then you can look for a strategic place so that the signal can be received well. Or for those who use wifi, then you can bring your device closer to the wifi router. To clear the cache yourself you can do as follows:

Open your smartphone’s settings menu
You can search for apps
Select the installed application and search for “FUNDS”
Then you do wipe data and clear cache
Reopen your DANA application
Login using your number and password
Finally, try to do the transaction again.
If by using the method above the problem cannot be resolved, then it could be an error because the server is busy, so it cannot make transactions.

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