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Anne admits, her love story with Ellen had a devastating impact on her career. Without jokes, Anne feels her career in the world of Hollywood Entertainment has been flowing more and more since she decided to go with Ellen.

Anne and Ellen have been known together for three years. Three years said that Anne can finally have her career in the world of Hollywood.

Same sex is recognized by Anne that is not understood as a long-term relationship. Coming from Ellen, Anne felt that she could express it.

This is not a long-term love affair, ” Anne says on Page Six.”It was a moment in my life when I was given glory because I was able to hold on to what I thought and had since I was a kid.

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Link Video Anne Heche Twitter & Ellen Degeneres Twitter

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However, this comfort quickly turned into a decline in his career. Anne admitted that for 10 years, she had no offers to show films even if she broke up with Ellen.

Anne has lost her $ 10 million contract because of her relationship with Ellen. As a result, Anne was no longer busy with the world of Hollywood entertainment for a long time. This is why, Anne called the appointment with Ellen a moment of difficulty for her career.

“I haven’t played a movie for ten years. I was terminated from a $ 10 million event Agreement and I didn’t work in entertainment for a very long time,” Anne said.

Although she had a hard time because of the appointment with Ellen, Anne said that she was proud of herself. The reason, he felt part of the change for society. Which, LGBT or NEX same sex lovers are no longer underestimated.

The impact that occurs, for me, is what creates part of the change. I belong. This is a badge of Honor, “concludes Ellen.

Link Video Anne Heche Twitter

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