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Social media users are excited again with the circulation of a viral primark mall video. So what is the content of the primark mall video.

Viral Primark Video or Primark Video is a new trend and has recently become a hot discussion of social media users around the world.

Where appropriate the short-lived video shows a woman with a Primark company security officer dueling.

According to information from viral primark, the video recorded the incident between security officers and a woman carrying a black bag.

Reportedly, the woman who was recorded in the Primark video immediately circulated widely to various social media until finally viral.

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Link Viral Primark Video And Primark Fight Video Twitter

The media search results showed a fight between two black and white women that took place in Birmingham Primark Mall.

Where a white woman appears on her back and poops out of her asshole during a fight with a black woman in Birmingham Primark.

Now the Birmingham Primark viral video showing the fighting action is widely circulated on various social media such as Tiktok and Twitter.

For those of you who are curious about the Birmingham Primark video, you can directly visit the video link below.

Link Viral Primark Video Twitter

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